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Come on, honey, she whispered, holding her arms out to him. Tanika was indeed a knock out. Bellas hand moved to it and started squeezing it. The most memorable part is when it told me that having a girlfriend is great and sex is fun.

I sat with the survivors in the evenings and showed them how to use the factory ship which distracted them as much as helped them. Marion was momentarily flummoxed by Taylor's personal remark, but after taking a sip of pop to calm her down, she replied awkwardly, Well, uh, thank you, Taylor, I appreciate that, I try to take care of myself, but I don't know if I'd describe myself as beautiful. That last line was a definite mistake as it almost begged for a rejoinder, and Taylor stepped right up to the plate and replied, Oh but you are, I just hope that after I've had two children that I can look half as good as you do.

Now growing increasingly embarrassed Marion tried changing the subject by asking, Uh, where are you planning to attend school this fall, Taylor, that's a pretty big decision. I've been accepted at State U, she replied but then returned quickly to the subject of Marion's appearance, I don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable, but I-I feel a special attraction to you, I hope that you're not upset with me.

Marion's head was spinning as the young woman continued with her nerve rattling talk, but she finally replied, No, not at all, I just don't know what you mean by, special attraction, that's all.

Now out of the blue, Taylor rested her hand on Marion's thigh and whispered in a husky voice, I'll be right here tonight at ten, be here and I'll explain everything then, before standing up and leaving Marion gape mouthed while she walked over to the sand box, picked up her two children, and left the park. Lola started moaning and pushing back harder and faster onto my cock. Brenda's ass was shaking as her daughter worked her pussy over with that expert tongue.

She gasped, smiling in ecstasy. My God, I had forgotten how good it felt to be. Please let us be lovers, we can do that and still be. Ill even play a bit with your nice swollen clit.

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